Floods, Sandstorms, and Snow Flurries

     The rain is beginning to gently fall, drizzling down the windows of our nearly empty bus.  To the right is a mountain side with obvious evidence of the rainfall having caused much erosion, and several recent mudslides.  To the left there is a very large reservoir, full to the brim with water.  My stomach has turned after the many curves it took to work our way up and down the high mountain road.  The kids have grown impatient and hungry.  Paco Pico stories are being told, yet none the less there is a combination of laughter and tears as our bus moves forward one length each fifteen to thirty minutes.










Our recent trip to Peru brought us along some rather interesting paths as we attempted to make our way to Cajamarca.  We flew directly into Chiclayo, Peru.  It had seemed as though it would be a wise choice, as it’s only a short 5-7 hour bus ride from there to Cajamarca.  However, we arrived only to find that we would be flooded into Chiclayo for three days before any roads would open allowing passage to Cajamarca.

These three days were very hot, wet, and dirty and ended with hundreds of mosquito bites.  However, they also allowed us the opportunity to form new friendships as some local believers opened their home to us.  So despite being stuck, and despite the many downsides to this delay, we also experienced blessing and a time of rest in the midst of it.

When the time finally came for us to leave for the Bible college, we loaded onto a bus late that night.  They told us at the station that we would be taking a long route around and so our trip would be a couple hours longer than normal.  After everyone else on the bus had drifted off to sleep, there I sat, awake.  My brain was still running a million miles an hour, so much processing still taking place.  The weeks prior had been some of the most difficult of my life, and there was so much to process, only those late night hours offered the depth of quiet and stillness needed for healing.  So I got the incredible experience of seeing the drive that the others all blissfully slept through.  Though the night was still and the clouds held back the rain, the rapidly rushing river next to which we drove was more than slightly terrifying.  The road was completely missing in sections, which left us driving on mud and rocks.  Our bus tipped back and forth leaning out over this incredible force of water.  May I just note… we did NOT take the “safe” way.  I spent the entirety of that night in prayer.  Mostly because that water simply looked TOO cold, and sounded like a really awful way to go!  We arrived in Cajamarca roughly four hours earlier than expected and made our way to the campus.  As we pulled onto our road, our two year old got a smile and asked, “We’re heading home?”

The following two weeks were busy with Romeo teaching nearly everyday to squeeze in enough make up classes, since we missed the first several days of class time due to the floods.  However, it was still a nice class regardless.  He enjoyed teaching, and his students were great.  We look forward to seeing some of them when we get back, as they are planning to stay and finish out the full program.

This trip was rather packed as there were a couple teams coming down at the same time.  I got a sweet chance to welcome the ladies from the team the night they arrived and stayed up (far too late) playing board games with them. 🙂

While we were there, there were teams going out to the flood zones with supplies.  There was another team working on constructing the new church building for a church plant that is starting up.  As well as a team doing outreach in the city.  It was busy, but it was a productive couple weeks and much was accomplished during that time.

As we returned stateside we flew through Panama and on to California, then drove through to Arizona hitting major sand storms like we have never seen before, we stopped to visit friends in Arizona for dinner and then hit snow storms as we continued on to Colorado.  So within about 72 hours, we went through flood, sand and snow. Ha!

Praise the Lord for another blessed trip and His faithfulness to minister to our needs and pour into us abundantly in the midst of such huge transitions as a family!  The opportunity to spend time with friends in Peru really helped me along in the process of healing and trusting the Lord with our precious family.  I am so thankful for the sweet friendships that the Lord has blessed us with there, and the community that we have at CCBC Peru. ❤

Praise the Lord!

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