Communication Team

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved with being part of our encouragement and communication team, (or to find out what exactly that looks like) you’re in the right place!

We have personally known, as well as heard countless stories of missionaries being burnt out and discouraged while on the field, feeling as though they are forgotten.  First and foremost, our comfort and encouragement comes from the Holy Spirit working in our hearts continuously.  However, we never want to underestimate how much God uses believers to be that iron sharpening iron as referred to in Proverbs 27:17.  If you are gifted in communication and/or encouragement we would be more than blessed to have you join our communications team.

Let me explain to you what our team looks like, and what exactly this commitment will include.  Each family/individual will be assigned a specific three months of the year.  Each of those three months you will mail a letter or send a package (packages are only possible if there will be a visiting pastor who has space in their luggage to hand deliver them).  Our Communication Team Coordinator, the lovely Miss Katie Stokes will send out reminders at the beginning of each month to remind you when it is your month.  This e-mail will also contain our current mailing address in Peru, and if there will be a visiting pastor willing to deliver packages she will include the stateside mailing address to send those to.  Please always remember, if a pastor has been kind enough to deliver a package to us, we always need to be respectful of not only the space it will require in his luggage, but also the weight. 

Team 1: January*, May, September

Team 2: February, June*, October

Team 3: March*, July, November

Team 4: April, August*, December

*= Birthday Month (Consider sending a special birthday note or card.)

January 4 (Anya)
January 25 (Mrs. Jessica)
January 31 (Eva)
March 4 (Mr. Romeo)
June 28 (Israel)
August 1 (Romeo)
August 7 (Avalina)

If you would like to join our communications team, you may contact Katie Stokes directly at and she will assign you with a team (see teams above in relation to which months you will be sending letters) and get you any additional information necessary.  In your e-mail it would be helpful if you included your names, and best contact information, preferably both e-mail address as well as phone number and note whether or not you receive text messages.

Thank you so much for your support through this process, we appreciate your willingness to partner with us and the ministry that God is doing in Peru.

-The Bueschers

P.S. – Here is a sweet photo of Katie visiting us in Peru, we were having lunch in the city before seeing her off to the airport!

Katie Stokes